Evelyn Nesbit brown sepia Original Painting

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  • Evelyn Nesbit brown sepia Original Painting
  • Evelyn Nesbit brown sepia Original Painting
  • Evelyn Nesbit brown sepia Original Painting
  • Evelyn Nesbit brown sepia Original Painting
  • Evelyn Nesbit brown sepia Original Painting
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Original brown sepia oil painting of the initial attempt to capture Evelyn Nesbit by the original artist, Lee Dubin. The framed art measures 44" wide by 31" tall with a 2.5" wide frame. Note this painting features the gold embrodied settee vice the later red crushed valor.

The story behind this painting is most incredible. Lee Dubin has a firm belief in reincarnation. She has memories of several of her past lives including a San Francisco Madam. When she is painting, she must be totally alone and will enter into a trance of complete concentration. While painting the subjects in the paintings will converse with Lee. In this particular example the young lady, Evelyn Nesbit, argued with Lee concerning the upholstery of the sette. The original pencil sketch and first painting in the brown sepias was gold embroidery. Evelyn demanded red crush valor. Due to the challenges voiced by the subject "Evelyn" Lee never completed the initial painting and restarted with a red crush valor sette.

The inspiration of Evelyn Nesbit is a fascinating story which can be confirmed by the following link:

The details of Evelyn with Stanford White and Harry Thaw was the scandal of the century at 1900's. Evelyn's beauty and relationship with these two leaders in the New York City community would be an incredible adventure even in the present time.

The story was the inspiration of the movie "The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing"

When Lee Dubin originally painted this work of art, she was not aware of the facts behind the model. It was later after the painting was completed these facts came forward. Her husband, Marv, though aware of Lee's inspirations, was actually uncomfortable with her creative awareness. It was Lee who actually provided me the name of the model as Evelyn. It was research on the internet that actual brought the facts forward. This painting has the most incredible aspiration of the talent of Lee Dubin

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