Authentic Flight

Authentic Flight

  • Four Blade Wooden Propeller

    Four Blade Wooden Propeller

    As WWII progressed, every opportunity to gain advantage had to be taken. Fighter plane engine capacity was increasing. But that was worthless unless propellers were also modified to turn that extra power into more speed. While the classic 2-blade...
  • Sopwith Propeller. Silver

    Sopwith Propeller. Silver

    In response to many requests for a metallic silver version of our most popular and beloved propeller, we have produced a limited number of these to celebrate Authentic Models’ own 50th anniversary. A beautifully hand crafted piece which will be...
  • Sopwith Red Stripes. Small Sopwith Red Stripes. Small

    Sopwith Red Stripes. Small

    Nothing symbolises aviation history more simply and evocatively than propellers.We’ve createdfaithful replicas of classic models and decorated them to become attractive wall décor. Respecting and celebrating history while making it relevant...
  • Spad. Transparent – AP413T

    Spad. Transparent – AP413T

    My guess is that this plane will not fly in any plane collector’s home. Both you and I know that model plane collectors are hard to find and even harder to please. Our transparent model will sell to people who want an interesting, intricate piece...