Dubin-Americana Litho

Dubin-Americana Litho

  • Barber Shop 1

    Barber Shop 1

    The "Barbershop" is one of the most popular of Lee's collection of "The Americana Series". Her notation to detail is exhibited by the clock on the backwall
  • Carousel 2

    Carousel 2

    The Carousel is one of Lee's more recent paintings in which her talent to capture the heart warming feeling of an American Tradition of riding the Merry-Go-Round. After countless weeks and months of study Lee prepares detailed pencil sketches
  • Drug Store

    Drug Store

    The Drugstore is my favorite of The Americana Series due to the incredible detail and series of individual scenes. The foremost is the little boy who dropped his ice cream cone with his brothers and sister looks at his misfortune. Only Lee Dubin
  • Home From School / News Hawker

    Home From School / News Hawker

    "Home From Scholl" and "News Hawker" are two lithographs painted by Lee Dubin in the late 1970's. "Home From School" reflects a typical scene in rural America as school children are returning home. "News Hawker" reflects life in a large city inwhich...
  • Main Street 1

    Main Street 1

    The Main Street is the most popular of the Americana Series with the automotive collectors. As you visualize yourself being on Main Street you can actually sense the hustle of activity
  • St Andrews Golf Course 1

    St Andrews Golf Course 1

    Saint Andrews Golf Course is the Mecca for all the devoted "Golfers". Lee captured the beauty of the first golf course in England in her exceptional style. As noted in all her paintings