Stan Stokes

Stan Stokes

The California Classics Collection

Stan Stokes is a third generation Californian who developed a passion for cars, trains, boats and planes - and art - at an early age. He has been painting professionally for more than 40 years, living in both Northern and Southern California.

In 1998 Stokes began a series of car paintings based upon his boyhood memories. American Collectibles is pleased to bring you this John Muckel Classics Collection: 19 scenes depicting classic American Motor Cars in classic Californian settings from the 1920s to the 1950s. The cars presented were part of a private collection of John Muckel. When John sold his company after 40 years, he decided to pursue an ultimate collection of the finest quality Americana Motor Cars. Each classic was restored to Concours quality displayed in his private hanger in Torrance, Ca. Each car was detailed weekly and maintained by his mechanic and driver every Sunday. John Muckel had each of the cars honored with original paintings by Stan Stokes. Stan Stokes displayed each vintage motor car displayed in a background displaying the time period of that classic. Several of the classics were displayed in various Concours events. The most unique was the Dusenberg winning the second best at Pebble Beach.

After only fifteen years John decided he accomplished his goal and decided to share his treasures for others to enjoy. With a handshake agreement with Rob Myers of RM / Southerby Auctions the thirty-five motorcars would be auctioned off over the next two years in various national RM Auctions. With the last of the classics about to be sold, John decided to sell off the memorabilia in his Torrance Hanger via American Collectibles. The prized original paintings created by Stan Stokes are now available for others potential investors. An opportunity of owning a classic motorcar representing our American Heritage.

To quote his publisher: "Stan is a workaholic who really loves what he does for a living and is constantly trying to improve." That constant pursuit of excellence is evident in every painting in this collection. 

Stokes' original paintings hang in some of the most prestigious private and public collections in the world, including the Reagan Library in California and the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC.