Shoot Out Mercantile Liquid Acrylic Art

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Spirit Shadows are some of the most complex single-exposure photographs ever created. They're all performed at night with long single-exposures from one minute up to seven hours using a 4x5 camera and a sheet of negative film. During the exposure Sheer walks into the frame of his shots to create the figures. There's no digital and no multiple exposures. The image noted "The Shoot Out at the Mercantile". The limited edition print #35 of 250 measures 20" wide by 16" The art work is dry mounted on a high quality 1/8" tempered masonite board. The bond is everlasting and will never lift or peel. The art work is covered with a liquid acrylic that protects the art from ultra violet rays and moisture. The printed art is mounted on a laminated Russian birch frame. The final result is a high quality liquid acrylic art that will greatly enhance your home decor.
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