Custom Metal Signs

Custom Metal Signs by American Collectibles

Do you have a special event coming up? Or do you want a one off piece of your artwork, photography, and more? Look no further we have everything you need here.

We offer custom signs is 4 different sizes (see chart below). Each sign regardless of how many signs are purchased has a one time  Artist set up fee of $40.00. In order for us to create your sign please send us a .jpeg image with 300 dpi or more. We will then have our artists format it to a sign, email you the proof for approval and upon approval begin production on your sign. Please allow two weeks for sign creation, printing, and delivery. There is no minimum sign order. We will glad make one sign for you. 

Prices below represent the cost of production for one sign excluding tax and shipping.

 Steps for Ordering
1. Please send an email to with the following
Attached Image file (300 dpi or more)
Phone number
2. Email or phone confirmation of order a
3. Emailed invoice for order
4. Emailed proof for approval
5.Confirmation of artwork in progress (wait for shipment)

 Three Sizes

 Price Chart Excluding Sales Tax 

Small Dimensions: 11" x 17.5" Set Up Fee: $40 Price: $30 Shipping: $15 Total: $85
Medium Dimensions: 17.5" x 23" Set Up Fee: $40 Price: $60 Shipping: $20 Total: $120
Large Dimensions: 22.5" x 34" Set Up Fee: $40 Price: $100 Shipping: $30 Total: $170
Jumbo Dimensions: 28.75" x 44" Set Up Fee: $40 Price: $200

Shipping: $60

Total: $300